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and welcome to THE BRUNCH CLUB! My name is Neli. More than 6 years ago I moved to lovely Nuremberg to work as a product designer for a big brand. I have a deep passion for design – but in my free time I love cooking, baking and hosting. Being in the kitchen allows me to relax from everyday life - it’s my meditation. Since the social aspects of cooking and eating are very important to me, I want to share my passion. 




The beginning

For a long time, I was dreaming about opening my own space like a café or a deli. But at the same time, it feels like a too big commitment. So, I asked myself what is the intention behind my dream? I want to have my own creative playground. I want to connect people. And I want to create and serve great food. 


I tried to connect these dots and created THE BRUNCH CLUB. In 2020, I started hosting private brunch events at my home, where 10 strangers would meet at my dining table, chatting and getting to know each other whilst enjoying a middle eastern style brunch which I curated, crafted and created.

The first event in August 2020 was a success, and the feedback was overwhelming. It motivated me to keep going. When COVID no longer allowed us to meet in person, I started creating online events in collaboration with local businesses with "to-go" brunch boxes. Today, the live events and the brunch boxes have both become a staple of THE BRUNCH CLUB. 

style cuisine?

I lived in Tel Aviv in 2013, and this time had a massive impact on me, especially in terms of culinary delights. The region’s cuisine is influenced by various cultures and traditions. With THE BRUNCH CLUB I want to bring a bit of Middle Eastern food culture to Nuremberg. 


My goal is to provide delicious and healthy food which doesn’t have an environmental impact. That’s why I decided to offer healthy plant-based dishes with some veggie add-ons. Using seasonally and locally sourced products is the most sustainable way to eat and just tastes so much better. Therefore, I try to get as many ingredients as possible from local regional farmers.  

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